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About Me

Welcome to World Inhabit, the worldwide travel guide. World Inhabit was founded by me (Nick Smith) in 2011 with the aim of  creating a free resource for all the would-be travellers out there.


Here's me in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand...

So who am I? I’m a twenty-something male from London, England. I have a passion for traveling and for visiting new places, which is why I’ve spent many months of my life traveling the world. So far I’ve been to South-East Asia (including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), parts of Europe (mainly France, Holland and the United Kingdom) and the USA.

Even though I have traveled a fair bit, there still a great many places I’d love to visit, such as South America and Eastern Europe.

I created this website not as a journal of my travels, but as a place for people to find inspiration, tips and information on traveling, and advice on where to go (and when). Most people I talk to tell me they’d love to visit the places I’ve been to, but they say they could never afford it or they don’t know where to start. My aim with this site is help people get past their fears, worries and doubts of traveling so they can an amazing experience.