Parents: Is a Gap Year Spent Volunteering Good for Your Teenager?

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More young people than ever are taking gap years these days, with volunteering abroad seemingly being the gap year experience of choice.

While this can be a great experience for a young person, many parents worry about the safety of their child abroad and whether taking a gap year will cause them to lose focus in life.

But are their worries justified? Let’s find out… recently published an article titled ‘Parents See Benefits of Volunteering Gap Years’. The article goes on to say:

“Organising a volunteering gap year through a reputable provider gives young people the best of both worlds. They have all the excitement of living and working abroad but also know that we are there to offer them support if they need it. This doesn’t make their experience any less character building or take away independence”

“Volunteering in a community overseas helps to develop valuable life skills, which can set young people apart when applying for universities and jobs.”

Mother (Rosie) on her son (Mike) taking a gap year through an offical gap year organization:

“Rosie admits that she may have been initially anxious about Mike’s gap year. “My main concern was the possible lack of healthcare due to the remoteness of the placement. However, Lattitude Global Volunteering gave us excellent advice and provided Mike with a really comprehensive back-up advisory service. Also knowing that he had the support of local representatives and vetted hosts in Tanzania did help to reassure us.”

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