The Lightweight Travel Packing Checklist – How to Make Sure You Don’t Forget Anything

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Lightweight Travel Packing ChecklistWhen packing for a trip, most people get stressed trying to make sure they’ve got everything they could possibly need (especially when going traveling for the first time). There’s nothing wrong with it (I was exactly the same when I first went traveling), but perhaps the most valuable thing that you can take with you is the knowledge that results from the experience of traveling.

The truth is that no-matter how much gear you bring with, there will always be situations when traveling where you aren’t 100% comfortable. That’s part of what makes it so exciting and what makes it an adventure – because traveling is all about getting outside of your comfort zone and experiencing new things.

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”. ~Susan Heller.

The following list that I’ve compiled includes a lot of the ‘basic’ items that you’ll need on 95% of most trips. Obviously if you’re going camping in the Antarctic or trekking across the Savannah, you might need to add a few extra items to the list! Because of this, it’s important to think about the kinds of weather conditions, time of year and altitudes you’ll be traveling in  (and adjust your packing list accordingly).

Obviously you should tailor this list to your own specific needs, but it’s here just to give you a few ideas to get you started. So here we have it:

Gear Checklist


Important Items

Footwear (I like to take one pair of trainers and a pair of sandals/flip flops)



Sun hat
Warm hat (eg. beanie hat)
Waterproof jacket/poncho that covers the torso and heat
Sunglasses with case



Water container
First aid kit
Toiletry kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
Sewing kit (for repairing clothes and gear)
Insect repellent (DEET spray)


If You’re Camping/Hiking

Hiking boots
Shelter (tent or tarp)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Cooking equipment (stove with fuel, cutlery, pot)
Water filter
Perry whistle
Plastic map bag (with a map!)
Small folding knife
Mosquito net (depending on where you’re traveling to)

This list should cover 95% of the equipment that you’ll need. If you do happen to forget something (or if you realize that you missed out something entirely), you can always buy whatever you’ve forgotten while you’re on the road (that’s actually part of the fun of traveling). It’s amazing how a simple task like buying a pair of socks can turn into a full-blown adventure when you’re on the road.

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