The Top Websites for Planning a Gap Year

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Year on year it seems that gap years become more and more popular. This may be down to the fact that they allow you to experience new cultures in ways you’ve never seen before, increase your level of independence and because they’re now more accessible than ever.

The problem with taking a gap year is that there are so many options available to you that it can be difficult to decide on what to do.

Gap years also require large amount of careful planning and foresight, as you’ll want to make sure that you end up doing something worthwhile through a legitimate organization as opposed to sitting at home all year wondering about what you should do.

On this page we’ll take a look at the best gap year-related websites around.

Gap Year Planning & Ideas



This is a site run by people who KNOW gap years (and who’ve experienced gap years/traveling themselves). It’s a great resource as it contains all the information you need when planning a gap year.
Whether you want to find a job, take a course, work as a volunteer or travel the world, here you’ll find up-to-date information about courses, jobs, volunteer opportunities and more.

The Year Out Group

Year Out GroupThis excellent site contains a detailed list of gap year-related organizations and the opportunities they offer (such as volunteering abroad, work experience abroad and taking part in an expedition).

They also have a great section on dealing with gap year organizations (i.e. what to ask and how to interact with them), investigating costs of different projects and what to expect from your gap year.



GapYearOne of the best and most expansive gap year websites on the net. Founded by Tom Griffiths and Peter Pedrick, employs a large team travel experts. In their own words: “We were created by backpackers, for backpackers, and offer expert advice on travelling, volunteering and working abroad, all tied together with inspirational ideas, opportunities and products”.

Unlike most gap year websites, has a strong community element, where fellow members can write travel blogs, participate in the forum and contribute through the thriving social network.

Original Volunteers (UK)

Original VolunteersOne of the many UK-based sites, is based around volunteering abroad, and offers users the opportunity to do so in dozens of different countries around the world (from Asia, Africa, South America and more).

Such projects include teaching sports, basic construction, working with children and conservation.

Work Placements & Jobs

Gap Work

Gap is perhaps THE definitive online resource for travelers looking to work, as their excellently designed site makes finding different kinds of jobs (such as summer or winter resort work) a breeze.

GapWork have an extensive list of different jobs available (so you can find whatever it is you want to do), wherever it is you want to work in the world.

A Year in Industry (UK)

Year in IndustryBased in the UK, A Year in Industry is a site that specializes in finding high-end work placements for gap year students in the fields of business, IT and e-commerce, marketing, finance, engineering and more at some of the top British-based companies.

Rather than simply finding you a placement and leaving you to your own devices for the year, YINI are dedicated to supporting and guiding you through your placement, and they’ll even pop in to see you working first-hand from time to time!

Language Courses

CESA Languages

CESA is a site that specializes in teaching language courses abroad. They operate a host of different language courses available for gap year students that allow you to learn foreign languages in the country they’re spoken – resulting in a fully immersion and deeply cultural experience.

For example, you might want to learn French in Paris, Japanese in Tokyo, Portugese in Lisbon or Italian in Rome, etc.

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