Laptop Vs. Notebook Vs. Netbook – What’s the Difference?

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For years I wondered what the difference between laptops, notebooks and netbooks was. As it turns out, ‘notebook’ is typically used as a synonym for ‘laptop’, and ‘netbooks’ are mini-laptops – designed specifically for portability.

That being said, notebook computers are often smaller than laptops but bigger than netbooks. To put it simply (in size order):

Laptop > Notebook > Netbook (as can be seen in the picture below).

In addition to this, laptops and notebooks typically include all the features you’d expect on a desktop computer (such as a CD/DVD drive, inbuilt speakers, a powerful processor and graphics card). Netbooks, on the other hand are basically laptop computers that have been stripped down to their most basic elements to make them as small, light and power efficient as possible.

Some netbooks, for example, can have up to 3 times to battery life of a regular notebook!

Laptop Netbook Notebook

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