Will a Gap Year Change Your Life?

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If you’ve ever wondered about taking a gap year, you’ve probably asked yourself several common questions, such as “should I take a gap year?”, “why take a gap year?” and “what should I do in my gap year?”

One question I’m often asked is ‘Will a gap year change my life?’

The simple answer to this question is that it might, but it really all depends on what you do (in your gap year), how you apply yourself to it and the experiences you have.

If you spend your gap year (or a large portion of it) working fulltime flipping hamburgers and earning minimum wage, you might decide to take higher education a bit more seriously, and you might realize that working at a fast food restaurant isn’t what you want to do with your life.

Alternatively, spending your gap year doing volunteer work abroad in Africa might open your eyes to the needs of the world, and you might decide that you want to go and work for a charity once you’ve finished university.

Will a Gap Year Change Your Life?Most parents worry that after taking a gap year, their son or daughter will suddenly lose interest in education and alter their life purpose completely (seemingly on a whim).

Of course, some people that take gap years do decide to alter their life plans drastically. For example, a friend of mine spent a year working at a ski resort in Canada teaching people how to snowboard. After his gap year finished, he decided to move to Canada (from the UK) and work at the resort fulltime (meaning he never finished university).

This was perhaps his parents’ worst nightmare (that taking a gap year would derail his education), but as he’s now happier than ever and doing something that he loves, you have to question what’s really wrong with this, especially as we’re now at a point where education is so flexible that he could always go back to studying at a later date.

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