Can I Get Extra Pages Added to My US Passport?

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I recently got a question from one of my readers asking about getting extra pages added to his US passport:

Q. “Dear Nick, do you happen to know if I can get extra pages added to my US passport (I have only 1.5 pages left) or do I have to get a brand new one? I’ve been wanting to know since I’m going out to Thailand in November (which uses only stamps so I should be ok), however if I hit up Cambodia, Vietnam, or China they use full page sticker visa’s…


A. Mark, thank you for your question. Getting pages added to a US passport and is actually fairly simple to do. Taken from the US embassy website:

If your passport’s visa pages are becoming full, but your passport is still valid and in good condition, you may apply for additional pages to be added to your passport.

Only one set of extra pages (24 pages are in each set) can be added to your passport at a time, but if needed, and if your passport remains in good condition, you may have up to three sets of extra pages inserted into your passport/. Once this limit is reached, you will need to apply for passport renewal. Please note: extra pages cannot be added to an emergency passport.

This extra pages service will cost you $82 per set (i.e. per 24 pages).

So how do you go about getting extra pages added? You first need to fill out a DS-4085 form. You can either print this form out and fill it out by hand, or fill it out online and then print it out.

Once you’ve done this, you need to mail the form, your passport and the $82 to the address given on the DS-4085 form. There are several ways of paying, but the easiest is to simply send them the money along with your passport.

For a more detailed ‘how to’, visit the US Department of State website.


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