4 Great Photography Podcasts

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Traveling and taking photographs seems to go together like salt and pepper, and many travelers these days seem to enjoy the challenge of taking great pictures of the places they’re exploring.

One of the best ways to improve your skills and progress as a photographer (whether you want to do it professionally or simply as a hobby) is to listen to different photography podcasts.

These kinds of podcasts are great, as they can teach you about the different kinds of gear (e.g. what you’ll need and which is best), different photography techniques and how to make it as a professional photographer (and where to get your work published).

4 of the best photography podcasts currently out there include:

The Candid Frame

Each episode of The Candid Frame podcast features a 60+ minute interview with some of the most creative, brilliant photographers out there today.

The tips given out on this show are priceless and will really help you to take your camera skills up a level.

Check it out by clicking here.


Depth of Field

Hosted by Malaysia-based travel photographer Matt Brandon, the Depth of Field podcast gives you “an opportunity to hear interviews about the lives and adventures of working photographers from around the world”.

Looking for ways to find funding, sell your work, or new ideas for photography projects? This podcast should do the trick.

Each episode consists of an interview with a different professional photographer (whether they’re an experienced pro or an up-and-comer) and will help those looking to become professionals themselves.

Check it out by clicking here.

The Camera Position

The Camera Position podcast is the brainchild of Jeff Curto, a Professor of Photography.

In Jeff’s words, The Camera Position is a photography podcast that “deals with the why of photography over the how and discusses the essential qualities of the medium from the point of view of the creative photographer.”

Essentially, it’s a podcast based around the creative side of photography rather than the individual technical aspects.

Check it out by clicking here.

The Nikonians Podcast

Whereas the Camera Position podcast was all about the why of photography (and the philosophy surrounding it), The Nikonians podcast takes a far more practical look at the technical side of photography and focuses on things you can implement right away into the way you take pictures.

Their podcasts tend to focus on which gear (and photo editing software) to use, general photography tips and what’s currently going on in the world of photography.

Check it out by clicking here.

Are there any photography-related podcasts that you listen to (that aren’t on this list)? Let us know about them!

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