How to Give Your Laptop Battery the Kiss of Life

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The problem with batteries is that they tend to deteriorate the more they’re used.

For example, my last laptop battery was 5 years old and would last barely 20 minutes. Not great for traveling, then.

I decided to shell out on a new one, but had I found this video (titled “Laptop Battery Hack”) on YouTube sooner, I might have tried to resurrect my old battery instead.

The video shows Kip Kay, a guy ‘hacking’ his laptop battery by opening it up, seeing what was inside, being shocked at what he found and then replacing the old parts.

Not wanting to pay $109 for a new laptop battery, Kay decided to take matters into his own hand.

Of course, following Kay’s lead requires a soldering kit, safety goggles and a small degree of expertise, but it’s still a darn sight cheaper than buying a new battery!

Check out the video below:

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