A Guide to Airline Fees

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Airlines typically don’t like raising the prices of their flights, as this is what most people judge them on, and is often the deciding factor as to which airline a person flies with.

Because of this, airlines are always looking for new, creative ways to extract more money from you without actually raise their fares.

Most airlines have taken to piling all kinds of fees (e.g. for checking bags, for overweight bags, if you want to eat an onboard meal, etc.) on top of their flights in an attempt to make more money without having to raise the prices of their airline tickets.

For example, my cousin recently flew from Ireland to England on EasyJet. They told me that the flight cost them €50, but that they had to pay another €60 on top of that just to check a bag!

Then, of course, if they’d wanted some food or a drink on the flight they’d be charged extra for that, and heaven forbid anyone who’s bag is overweight!

Is checking your bag costing you more than you thought?

On a recent flight back from the USA (to the UK), my bag was 5 lbs overweight. Thinking I’d only be charged a nominal fee, I told the check-in staff to put it through anyway. She said “Are you sure? That’ll be $120 dollars…”

So what is my point here? While it’s still possible to find cheap plane tickets, before buying there are several things you need to consider (instead of just looking at how much the ticket itself costs).

Kayak.com, an online flight comparison website, has compiled a list of fees that the major airlines charge, which is worth having a look at before you book your flight.

Of course, while they try to stay as up-to-date as possible, they always recommend double-checking the fees on the airlines’ own website before buying, as airline fees are often changing and can differ based on all kinds of things (such as you frequent flier status).

Still, the website provides a good starting point, and is correct the more often than not.

To view the full list of airline fees, click here.

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