7 Great Travel Channels to Follow on YouTube

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YouTube is packed with different channels offering travel-related videos.

After checking out a great number of them, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 travel channels to follow (or the ‘subscribe to’) on YouTube:

1. Lonely Planet – As you’d expect, the official YouTube channel of Lonely Planet offers some high-quality, well put together videos. Well worth subscribing to for any traveler.

2. Soniastravels – Watch as Sonia Gil attempts to “crack the secret code behind people and places around” (so says her channel’s description). Her videos are extremely well made and welcoming, and her personality is infectious.

3. LetsGoTravelGuides – In their own words, “Let’s Go is a budget travel guide series that accompanies the free-spirited on treks across the globe.” Each video takes place in a new location, and provides some interesting/entertaining insights.

4. AsWeTravel – Instead of just feeding you facts or giving you tips, you get to see Nathan & Sofia (the two presenters) actually experiencing the places for themselves. So far they have traveled to and made videos/blogs in over 45 different countries, and they show no signs of slowing down.

5. Travelvideo – With videos that are barely a minute long, each of the 200+ ‘Postcard’ videos on this channel offer you a quick insight into a city and give you a taste of what it’s about.

6. Overlander – Follow Mark Shea (a.k.a. the Overlander) as he travels the world. Mark’s provides travel guides as well as general travel tips in his high-quality videos.

7. GoGalavanting – Two girls offer tips and insights in their entertaining, well-produced ‘Galavanting Guide’ videos.

Are there any great travel channels that you watch regularly? Let us know in the comments section below!

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