What Are the Most Used iPhone Travel Apps?

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There are tons of different iPhone-based travel apps available these days, and every tech-savvy traveler you meet seems to have their favorites.

When you ask why people like certain apps, it’s usually because they’re easy to use, are the best of their kind (in terms of producing results) or because they don’t know any alternatives.

Onava, a data compression company who work with technology, decided to find out what the ‘most used’ travel-related iPhone apps were (i.e. apps that are used for finding and booking travel-related items, such as flights, hotels, etc.).

They did this by looking at the “percentage of U.S. iPhone users who activated them at least once during June 2012.”

Once they’d collated this data, they created an infographic (see below). As it turns out, Kayak is the most used iPhone travel app in the U.S. (by some distance with 3.26% of total usage), followed by Hotel Tonight, which is used by 0.72% of users monthly.

What's the most used travel app?

Source: Gadling.com

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