5 Awesome iPhone Photography Apps (That Aren’t InstaGram)

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There’s a lot of great photography apps out there for the iPhone at the moment.

Here’s 5 of the best, each of which should allow you to add a unique effect to your photos.


Named in Time Magazine as one of the top 50 iPhone apps of 2011, Camera+ is one of the most stunning iPhone photography apps on the market.


One of the strong points of this app is its Scene Mode, which lets you change a photo’s lighting based on several effects (similar to what many digital cameras have these days). For example, there’s Sunset, Night, Beach, Landscape, Portrait and Backlit effects.

These effects allow you to transform your photos into cartoon-esque visuals akin to oil paintings.


Camera+ is available for $0.99 on the app store.

Color Effects

The Color Effects app allows you to add or remove color from parts of your photos (as can be seen in the accompanying picture). You have to option of re-coloring and area or converting it to grey. Doing so allows you to draw attention to one key area of the photo. Think the of the girl in the red coat in Schindler’s List.

Color Effects app

Color Effects is available for FREE on the app store.


Similar to the now world famous Instagram, Lo-Mob is an app that lets you easy create lo-fi vintage-style photos on the go. The app contains over 35 different vintage photo filters and the effects of each can be previewed before applying to your photos.


Lo-Mob is available for $1.99 on the app store.

Dynamic Light

This app allows you to instantaneously give your photos a HDR-style lighting effect. Visual effects such as Infrared and ‘Old Photo’ can be blended to different degrees in by moving the dials.

Dynamic Light

Dynamic Light is available for $0.99 on the app store.

TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator (despite the name) is delicately subtle app that can add real class to your photos. It’s a simple app that lets you add different types of blur (Radial, Linear and Ellipse) to certain areas of your photos.

You can also adjust basic settings such as saturation and contrast and vignettes.

TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator is available for $0.99 on the app store.

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