How Keyboard Layouts Differ Across the World

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Anyone who’s ever traveled to a foreign (non-English speaking) country and gone into an internet café will have no doubt experienced the confusion of trying to use a different country’s keyboard.

Moving just a few of the keys around can play havoc with your mind, and the typing skills and patterns you’ve spent several years honing will feel practically useless. recently published an article looking at different keyboards from around the globe, and where most people might have problems with each of them.

For example, in France and Belgium, rather than having the ‘standard’ western ‘QWERTY’ key layout, their keyboards follow the ‘AZERTY’ layout.

Other countries (such as Germany, Austria and Hungary) make only a small change to the ‘QWERTY’ layout and have what’s known as the ‘QWERTZ’ keyboard.

Thankfully, most foreign keyboards aren't quite this confusing

Most countries also have their own placements for the quotation mark (“), the question mark (?), the At symbol (@), the hash symbol (#) and the dollar sign ($).

All in all, using keyboards in foreign countries can become rather confusing and frustrating (especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to try every possible key combination in order to find the ‘@’ sign).

For Matador Network’s guide to 33 of the world’s keyboards (with annotated images and tips for using each one), click here.

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