19 London Clichés in Less Than Four Hours [VIDEO]

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If you’ve been keeping up with Rolf Potts’ No Baggage Challenge, in which he attempted to travel around the world in 6 weeks without taking a single bag with him (all of his ‘luggage’ was stored in his moderately sized jacket), you’ll know that Potts spent some time in London during this trip.

During his (reasonably short) time in London, Potts decided to cram in as many London-style clichés as he could in under four hours.

As Potts said, “Less than a day into my journey, traveling without luggage paid off at my very first destination: It afforded me the opportunity to cram as many generic tourist experiences as possible into a three-and-a-half hour London layover.”

London Eye

Most of these ‘clichés’ involved visiting popular landmarks (such as the zebra crossing from The Beatles’ infamous ‘Abbey Road’ album) and partaking in popular London activities (such as eating fish and chips and “watching footy on the telly”).

Here’s the video of Potts’ frantic journey around London, in which he racks up a surprisingly impressive amount of London clichés:

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