121-Megapixel Photo of Earth That Will Make Your Eyes Boggle

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Eclipsing NASA’s infamous ‘Blue Marble‘ shot (which was made up for several small images), this image is one single shot taken from 22,369 miles away by a Russian weather satellite (named Elektro-L No.1) floating above the Indian Ocean.

This photo is said to be the largest (and the highest resolution) single-shot photo of Earth ever taken.

As you may have noticed, the colors of this new, 121-megapixel photo are quite a bit different from those seen on NASA’s ‘Blue Marble’ photo.

These orangey/brown colors have come about because the satellite had to combine both visible and infrared wavelengths of light in order to take the picture.


Elektro-L also took a video of our planet’s northern hemisphere, which has been made into an amazing time-lapse video:

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