Vacation Rentals: An Alternative to Hotels

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While I’m often preaching the benefits of staying in hostels on this site (as opposed to staying in hotels), vacation rentals are an often overlooked form of accommodation, as they can offer real luxury for a reasonable price.

Of course, when traveling it’s important to stay open-minded and flexible and to judge all accommodation options on their individual merits.

What I mean by this is that sometimes staying in a hostel might not be the best option (particularly if there isn’t one near where you want to stay or if you’re traveling in a large group).

While hostels are inexpensive and a great place to meet and interact with other travels, there may be times during your travels when you feel like having a little more space to yourself.

There may be also times when you’d like to stay in one place for more than just a few days (whether it’s for a week, a fortnight, a month or longer).

If you like the idea of settling down in one area for a while and having your own space, you might want to consider vacation rentals as an alternative to staying in hotels/hostels.

So what are vacation rentals? Vacation rentals are furnished homes/apartments that are rented out to tourists by their owners on a temporary basis. Most vacation rentals are second homes/holiday homes, meaning they’re not used by their owners for most of the year.

The term ‘vacation rental’ is used more commonly in the USA, whereas in Europe (and other parts of the world) these homes may be called ‘holiday villas’ instead.

Sites such as HomeAway and allow home owners to list their homes and rent them out to you directly.

On the HomeAway site, there are currently over 300,000 vacation rentals to choose from spread across every continent, so there’s plenty of choice.

Fancy renting out this vacation home?

If you’re traveling with group of people, you can often rent out a vacation home for less than it’ll cost you in hotel rooms, and the chances are it’ll be a much nicer place to stay, as you’ll each have your own room as well as communal areas (such as a living room, dining room, etc.)

For example, this beautiful beach house on the island of Ko Phangan, Thailand has a great sea view, sleeps four people, and is available for $19 a night (per person).

Additionally, this Romantic nest hidden among Florentine rooftops in Florence, Italy sleeps two people, has a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and is available for $46 a night per person.

Have you ever stayed in a vacation rental home? What were your experiences?

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