Forgotten Your Charger? Charge Your USB Gadgets Through the Hotel Room TV Instead

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When packing for a long trip, it’s easily to overlook or forget to bring certain items.

One of the most commonly forgotten items is often your phone/mp3 player/tablet charger.

Forgetting your charger usually means you’ll have to buy another one when on the road (if you can find one), or forgo using your electrical device once the battery runs out.

As it turns out, it seems that in some hotel rooms your television can be used as a charger for USB devices (providing you have a USB cable that can link to your device).


So how does it work? Simply plug your USB cable into the device you want to charge, then plug it into the open USB port on your TV and turn the TV on. Your device should now start charging!

It should be noted that this ‘trick’ can also work with many other electrical devices that have open ports (such as DirecTV boxes and Playstation 3′s) and not just televisions.

Of course, not every hotel room television have this option (particularly if it’s an older television), but it’s a good tip to remember if you’ve forgotten/lost your charger and you’re staying in a hotel.

If you find that your TV doesn’t have a USB port, ‘HeartBurnKid’ from leaves this advice:

“Call the front desk and ask if they have any [chargers]. Most hotels end up with piles of the things left in rooms, and people don’t usually ask for them to be shipped back to them because it’s usually easier and cheaper to get a new one. If you have a phone that adheres to standards (like Micro-USB) or is pretty popular (like the iPhone), chances are they’ll be able to hook you up.”

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