How to Listen to Your Favorite Radio Stations From Anywhere in the World

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Although radio is considered to be a fairly old style of broadcasting/entertainment, there’s still a massive amount of people all around the world who regularly tune in to their favourite radio stations.

Despite the fact that most radio stations now have dedicated websites (many of which allow you to listen online), due to broadcasting restrictions (among other things) you may not be able to listen to them overseas.

For example, I personally like to listen to Talksport most days (as I’m a massive football fan), and although they have a web player built in to their website, I’ve found that it doesn’t always work when traveling in foreign countries.

Old style radio

Although you can always try and tune into some local radio stations when you’re traveling (which is something I heartily recommend you try from time to time), it’s unlikely you’ll find their debates too interesting if they’re in a foreign language, and you’ll inevitably pine for your favorite radio stations that you use to listen to back home.

So how do you listen to your favorite radio stations when traveling the world (regardless of which country you’re in)?

By visiting and/or (for UK-based radio stations) you can download .m3u files (i.e. streaming media playlists) and listen to just about any radio station in the world through your media player (I personally like to use Winamp). also has direct links to the websites of many radio stations, many of which allow you to stream their radio broadcast directly to your computer. As I mentioned previously, this method doesn’t always work, so I prefer to use .m3u files whenever I can as they seem to work far more consistently.

On you can browse stations by which country they’re located in, what genre of music they play and view them in alphabetical order.

Do you like to listen to your local radio when traveling abroad? Let us know how you do it in the comments section.

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