CouchSurfing Launches Smartphone App

Posted by No Comment, a website that allows users to connect with and stay on the couches of others (for free) recently release a mobile app for iPhone and Android.

With the app explosion of the past few years, it’s about time that released a mobile app for it’s users.

Most tech-savvy travelers carry some kind of Wi-Fi device with them these days (be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer), so having an app that you can use on the go makes it much easier to CouchSurf when you’re on the move.

The app has a very sleek design, and allows users to easily view their profile, message inbox and a list of various settings.


That being said, judging by the initial responses and comments regarding this app, it still needs a lot of work as it’s a little clunky to use and is missing some key features.

Of course, most major apps go through an initial stage of teething problems, so this shouldn’t be anything to worry too much about (providing the developers are listening to the feedback and are prepared to make the necessary changes).

Although there are many improvements and upgrades that can be made, it’s great to finally see the people at release a mobile app for travelers.

To download the app for free and try it out for yourself, click here.

Photo credit: Daniel*1977.

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