How to Stay Stress-Free While Traveling on Business [VIDEO]

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Ever felt like the joys of traveling are being outweighed by the massive stresses that come with it?

Luckily, Lonely Planet TV presenter Asha Gill is here to help, as she’s created a video giving several tips on how to stay stress-free while traveling.

In this video, Asha talks about using trip planning software to build a flexible and organized schedule, getting the seat on the airplane that’s right for you, calling/emailing your hotel concierge ahead of time and asking them to make your room up “just the way you like it” and unwinding in transit (by visiting airport business lounges or hotels).

Asha also talks about staying stress-free during your flight (by meditating), using social networks to see if any of your friends are going to be in the same destination as you (so you can hang out, have fun and let the stresses drift away).

Here’s the video:

How do you like to de-stress while traveling? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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