The Most Innovative Travel Websites of the Past 12 Months

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In the last 10 years, thanks to the internet, the way that (a lot of) people travel has radically changed.

In the past your only knowledge of a foreign place would come from a guide book or what your friend told you.

Now it seems there’s a travel-related website for just about everything, whether it’s for planning your trip, gathering inspiration, finding great travel deals or helping you save time/money while on the road.

Throughout the past year a lot of travel websites have innovated and improved the way they work. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most innovative (and useful) travel websites of the past 12 months (and why you should check them out):

Farecast is an ‘airfare prediction website’ that uses statistics and trend data to determine whether you should buy your airline ticket now or wait until a later date (when it’ll be cheaper).

Recently, Farecast was acquired by Microsoft (and can now be found at

So how accurate is Farecast in predicting how much the price of an airline ticket will rise or fall? They are said to be correct (to the penny) approximately three quarters of the time.

Check out Farecast here.

Bing Farecast is aimed at younger travelers looking for cheap, fun, authentic things to do or places to go in a particular destination.

You can browse through a list of cities, look at the ‘Top Spots’ (which can be filtered by category), then view pictures of each place and see it on a map. Users can add reviews of each place, or add places of their own (that they’ve discovered) to the list.

Check out here.

Where's Cool

Drive My Car Rentals is an Australian-based peer-to-peer car rental company that is changing the way people rent cars.

This site allows its members to rent out their cars directly to each other (often at a much cheaper rate then you’d pay at a car rental agency), meaning you can get great quality cars for a knock-down price.

Oftentimes, your car is your second biggest asset (besides your house), so being able to make money from it (by renting it out to others when you’re not using it) can be a great source of income.

Check out here.

Drive My Car is an ‘online video network’ that offers high quality travel guide videos for hundreds of destinations around the world.

By working with local tour guides and insiders, the people at are able to create detailed, reliable and insightful videos that reflect the true nature and personality of an area.

Check out here.


When looking for a great deal on airfare, accommodation, entertainment, cruises or travel packages, is a good place to come.

The site’s researchers scour the web to find different online travel deals every day and evaluate them to see how good they are (compared to several others). Their site is all about finding the BEST travel deals around and displaying them in their relevant categories.

Another section of worth checking out is their last-minute deals, as there is often some real bargains to be had here.

Check out here.

Travel Zoo

In their own words, is a site that “makes it fun and easy to plan a group trip with friends and family.”

The site allows you to create a trip (whether it’s a beach holiday, a golfing holiday, a bachelorette party, a romantic getaway, etc.), share it with your friends (via email or social networking sites) and then discuss it (i.e. get the opinions of each person about what they want to do specifically) until you have the perfect trip for everyone.

As they say, “you can collaborate on an itinerary, including the dining, shopping, golf, skiing, or other experiences that you’ll share. Triporama offers tools designed to encourage participation and contributions from everyone in the group — find and share travel research, discuss alternatives, assign tasks, conduct polls, and schedule trip dates.”

They also have several ‘featured trips’ that you can use for ideas and inspiration, and you can browse through trips that other members of the site have taken.

Check out here.

Triporama is an independently run online travel magazine that features a whole range of fun and interesting travel-related articles. They also write a great deal of articles and different travel destinations and travel writing.

They attempt to cater to all kinds of travelers, from veteran world travelers to newbies planning their first trip.

Examples of popular articles include ‘The best nude beaches in the world’ and ‘10 customs you must know before a trip to Japan’.

Check out here.

Matador Network

Have you found an amazing, innovative travel website recently? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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