The Spectacular Sights & Amazing Sounds of Yellowstone Park [VIDEO]

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Yellowstone National Park is renowned for being one of the most beautiful and spectacular national parks in the world.

The fact that Yellowstone Park is said to be located over a ‘supervolcano‘ and it’s infamous spurting geysers make it a place like no other.

For over one hundred years tourists have come from far and wide to witness Yellowstone’s landscape for themselves, yet it seems that only recently the amazing soundscapes of Yellowstone are being appreciated.

The Yellowstone National Park Service recently release a video titled ‘Voices of Yellowstone – Yellowstone InDepth’ that follows the adventures of a bio-acoustic ecologist as he aims to identify the impact of ‘human’ noises (such as those made by snowmobiles and buses) on the animals in the park and the visitor experience.

Yellowstone National Park

In the video you’ll hear some amazing sounds, from the howling wolfs in the winter, to the wild, flowing rivers that run through the park.

Here is the video (watch with headphones for maximum effect):

Due to Yellowstone’s desire to expand their social media influence, they now have a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a Flickr photostream, and you can follow them on Twitter.

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