The Best U.S. Airports for Tech Users

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As travelers become increasingly high-tech (with smartphones, tablets and laptops being carried around by almost every flier these days), it seems that airports are being expected to update their services to match the needs of the digital age.

The people over at have created a list of the top 40 busiest airports in the United States and ranked them according to how tech-friendly they are.

So what criteria did they use to rank these airports? looked at the number of electrical outlets per gate (on average), the number of USB ports per gate (on average), the number of charging stations and workspaces in the airport, and the speeds/quality of the Wi-Fi and cellular services.

Top of the list was Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, which 7.2 electrical outlets per gate (on average), an above average amount of charging stations and workspaces, incredibly fast Wi-Fi speed and great cellular service.

Bottom of the list was Denver, which is said to have only 3.6 electrical outlets per gate (on average), a below average amount of charging stations, incredibly slow Wi-Fi speed and poor cellular service.

Airport WiFi

Here are the top 10 airport for tech travelers, ranked by

  1. Dallas-Ft. Worth
  2. New York (JFK)
  3. Atlanta
  4. Detroit
  5. Sacramento
  6. Oakland
  7. New York (LaGuardia)
  8. Salt Lake City
  9. Baltimore- Washington
  10. San Francisco

This list seems pretty accurate, as during my trip to the USA this year, I found Dallas-Fort Worth (ranked #1) to have charging stations/workspaces located conveniently all around the airport (so much so that I almost missed my flight!), whereas at Chicago O’Hare (ranked #34) I only managed to find one charging station after practically scouring the entire airport for an hour.

What were your experiences with particular U.S. airports? Did you find them tech-friendly?

For the full list, click here.

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