‘Trover’ App Allows You to Find & Share Hidden Gems [APP]

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Trover is a free iPhone and Android app that enables its users to discover interesting locations in a fun and easy way.

After entering in your location in the search bar, Trover will pull up a list of interesting locations (in the form of photos) close to you, organised with the nearest ones to you at the top of the list.

Each photograph can be clicked on and a map detailing the location they were shot in can be seen, along with comments and a description of the photo.

The idea of the app is for users to take photos of places of interest or cool things they’ve found (such as an interesting piece of street art) and share them with others.

Trover is essentially a social networking app that allows users to explore the world around them (and to find cool places) through other people’s photos.


Of course, the number of results you’ll get will vary from place to place (depending on how popular/populated your location is), but as the community grows more and more locations will be added.

Members of Trover can ‘follow’ one another and get updates from those users. This is a useful feature, as it means you can follow people who’re posting things you like and filter out the rest.

The app also has a ‘Featured’ section, which allows you to see which locations are currently getting a lot of interest from the Trover community (i.e. what’s ‘hot’ right now).

Whether this app will really take off remains to be seen, but it’s a great, free way to find interesting places in an instant, and because you’re able to see things the moment they’re uploaded (or ‘discovered’), there’s a chance you’ll find things that aren’t in your traditional guidebooks.

To check out Trover for yourself, click here.

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