How to Identify a Ladyboy (and Other Travel Tips) [VIDEO]

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Anyone who’s visited Thailand will have no doubt seen their fair share of ‘ladyboys’ (i.e. a male-to-female transsexual or transvestite, known in Thailand as a ‘Kathoey’ or ‘Katoey’) and will know the potential pitfalls that come with not being able to recognise them.

Photographer Kien Lam has created a video containing his top travel tips (and a brief guide on how to identify ladyboys), inspired by his recent trip around the world.

As well as trying new foods, Kien also recommends learning where the food you’re eating came from.

It can be difficult eating healthily when traveling, so Kien recommends staying in shape by exercising with whatever’s around you (e.g. playing table tennis with the locals).

Can you guess which one's the ladyboy?

Kien also recommends:

  • Always wearing sunblock (especially when traveling near the equator.
  • Trying to learn some of the local language.
  • Learning to sew (as clothes/backpacks WILL need mending at some point).

Check out the video below to see Kien’s full list of tips:

How To Identify A Ladyboy (or Top Travel Tips by Kien Lam) from Kien Lam on Vimeo.

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