China Begins Work on £3 Billion Theme Park in Tibet

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A landmark £3 billion theme park is set to be constructed in Lhasa, Tibet.

According to, “In an attempt to highlight the historic ties between China and Tibet, the theme park will be dedicated to Princess Wencheng, the niece of a Tang-dynasty emperor who married a Tibetan king.”

According to Ma Xinming, the city’s vice-mayor, the project will take three to five years to complete, and will create a “living museum for Tibetan culture, and relieve pressure on existing attractions in old Lhasa”.

The Chinese government recently announced that they intend to increase the amount of tourists visiting Tibet from 8.5 million in 2011 to around 15 million a year by 2015.


The announcement of these plans has not been taken kindly by many local Tibetans, however; some of whom have accused the Chinese government “of religious persecution and cultural assimilation in the name of economic development.”

Source: The Telegraph

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