Abu Dhabi Sets Dress Code & Rules for Tourists

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Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Police recently released a booklet containing a list of rules and guidelines for tourists visiting the country.

The pamphlet was designed with the intention of increasing the sense of security felt by tourists and to prevent them from being unnecessarily penalised, said Brig Gen Omair Al Mihiri, deputy director general of police operations.

“The pamphlet was prepared to educate tourists on rules of public behaviour,” Al Mihiri said. “It includes trends and behaviour which is uncivilised and would make them subject to prosecution.”

As well as outlining the obvious illegal activities (e.g. using drugs, drink driving, begging, etc.), other activities such as drinking alcohol in unlicensed places and eating, drinking or smoking in public places during daylight hours in the month of Ramadan are not accepted.

Tourists are also asked to “wear respectably modest clothing and only use the main beaches that are supervised.”

In addition to this, kissing and other public displays of affection are a big no-no.

Finally, tourists are asked to always carry identification with them, in case they’re asked to produce it by the local authorities.

The full pamphlet is shown below:


Source: TheNational

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