The Craziest Bars in the World

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Anyone who can appreciate the décor of a bar as much as the drinks they serve knows that a crazy/weird/unusual bar is something to be appreciated.

From Truskavets, Ukraine to the Limpopo Province in South Africa, it seems the world is filled with weird and wonderful bars.

Here is a collection of 5 of the weirdest, craziest bars the world has to offer, each guaranteed to give you a night to remember:

Pelican Bar Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar – Treasure Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Located around a mile off of the south coast of Jamaica is Floyd’s Pelican Bar. This unconventional watering hole will look like paradise to any thirsty passer by (despite being held up out of the water by a set of rickety-looking stilts).

As you would expect, Floyd’s Pelican Bar specialises in tropical cocktails that will make your tastebuds sing with delight.

Coffin Bar

Coffin Bar – Truskavets, Ukraine

Ukraine’s aptly named Coffin Bar (or ‘Eternity Bar’, depending on your translation) rather disturbingly is a bar set inside the world’s biggest coffin.

Inside the bar the walls are decorated with funeral-esque flowers and the whole place has a distinct ‘funeral’ theme about it.

This probably isn’t the place to come if you’re already feeling slightly depressed!

Giger Bar

HR Giger Bar – Gruyères, Switzerland

HR Giger Bar (named after and designed by Oscar winning art director HR Giger) looks like something from the set of one of the Alien films (a film series that he worked on, helping to design killer aliens). At first glance, this bar looks like the dining room of an Alien mothership, and is utterly terrifying.

The roof is made up of with giant Alien-like vertebrae, and the chairs look like they could come alive at any minute.

Baobab Tree Bar

Baobab Tree Bar – Limpopo Province, South Africa

A bar inside a giant tree? That’s a great idea!

Unfortunately, the area inside is pretty cramped, there isn’t much seating available and it’s all very dark.

Still, having a drink at a fully-operational bar inside a giant Baobab tree is pretty amazing, and the fact that the tree is around 6,000 year-old means it’s one of the oldest living things in the world!

Ice Bar

Ice Bar – London, England

Fancy going to a cool bar? This might not be what you had in mind…

London’s Ice Bar has an average room temperature of -5°C, making everything inside of it freeze (including you if you don’t bring a coat!) One of the bars is actually made from a block of ice, and all of the drinks are served in glasses cut out of ice.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this bar are the magnificent ice sculptures that adorn the walls. These sculptures are regularly swapped around and changed for new designs, so it’s likely that with each visit you’ll experience something new.

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