Travel Beauty Tips: How to Look Beautiful on the Road

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For a lot of people, baggage regulations (whether they’re self-imposed or due to the airline policies) mean that when packing for a trip abroad, there will probably be some items that you’ll have to leave at home (that you would’ve liked to have taken with you).

One of the main casualties here is usually make-up. Although most women will take at least a basic make-up kit, there will inevitably be some item you left at home (or forgot to bring), meaning you’re just working with the bare essentials.

Combine this with the idea of embarking on long, hot, sweaty plane journeys to the other side of the world or 10+ hour bus journeys across South-East Asia, and it’s fair to say you probably won’t be looking your best the entire time.

So how does one you continue to look beautiful while traveling with just the bare essentials?

Dana Oliver of consulted two top style experts (Jacqui Stafford of and celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal) and asked them what they keep in their make-up bag when traveling, how they deal with unexpected breakouts and how they continue to look glamorous with just a few basic items.


So what are the top 5 beauty products a girl should have in her make-up bag when traveling? Jacqui says:

Self-tanning wipes to give skin a hint of a glow; a mini hairbrush to keep hair tidy; blotting papers to remove excess shine, without the cakiness of powder; lip gloss for moist, fuller lips; and nail polish remover wipes for instant touch ups without the hassle of a finding cotton balls and a bottle.

So what about handling sudden skin irritations? As Mally says:

Flying, lack of sleep and always being on the go can also cause changes in your skin. That’s why it’s so important to find a skincare regimen that works for you, that way, if you do find yourself having a reaction you can cleanse your skin, apply a soothing moisturizer, then cover any blemish with concealer and foundation.

Finally, if you only had a few bobby pins, hand lotion and some Chapstick, and have to create a look in just a few minutes, what would you do? Jacqui says:

A fuss-free way to tame your mane: The “va-va volume pony.” The key is to finger tease the crown of your head after you have secured a tight ponytail. Pull out hair piece by piece for desired lift and a sexy, messy finish. Secure with bobby pins and set the style with hand lotion.

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