How to Travel to Five Continents in a Single Day

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Do you ever feel like Mondays just seem to drag on forever?

It seems that while some of us are working, others are out breaking world records and embarking on crazy adventures.

On Monday June 18th, Gunnar Garfors completed an amazing travel challenge and created history by traveling to five different continents within a single day.

Gunnar’s trip saw him traveling for around 29 hours, but because of the time zone changes (and the fact that he was flying east to west), he managed to visit each of the 5 continents within the same ‘day’.

His trip saw him start in Istanbul, Turkey (Asia), before taking him through Casablanca, Morocco (Africa), Paris, France (Europe), Punta Cana, Dominican Republi (North America) and finally Caracas, Venezuela (South America).

Dominican republic

So what possessed the 37-year-old Norwegian to take on such a feat? Gunnar recalls how, when visiting Istanbul two years ago (a city that stretches across two continents), he wondered how many continents it was possible to visit in a single day.

As it turned out, five was the answer, “as long as there are no flight delays!” says Gunnar.

Although Gunnar’s feat hasn’t been verified by the people at Guinness World Records (yet), his achievement is surely something to be admired.

Here’s the video documenting his adventure:

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