‘Smallest Hotel in the World’ to Open in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Every wondered what the smallest hotel in the world is?

Whatever the previous record holder was, Copenhagen’s Hotel Central & Café is set to beat it when it opens this summer.

Jessica Colley of Fodors.com reports:

“Tucked onto a curving street in the emerging Vesterbro neighborhood, Hotel Central & Café will have just one room. The space is 12 square meters (or 130 square feet) and will have one bed, a shower, sink, and toilet.

“Perched above a café—that under a former owner was called the World’s Smallest Coffee Bar, with just 5 seats—the one-room hotel means to fully immerse guests into this vibrant neighborhood, one at a time.”

Spending a night in the hotel will cost you around 1500 Danish Kroner (around $250 US Dollars) a night.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Source: Fodors.com.

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