How to Travel Like a Local

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When traveling to new places, most of us will have a set routine of things that we go through (whether unconsciously or not).

For example, we might buy a guide book, pick out the top 5 sights then spend a couple of days exploring those. Alternatively, we might ask the hotel concierge where the best restaurants and hangouts are.

Whatever your travel routine is, Peter Greenberg, travel editor for CBS News reckons he’s go a much better way of traveling – like a local.

Greenberg recently appeared on ‘CBS This Morning’ to discuss his ideas, and to give some great traveling tips:

Greenberg’s tip about asking the local firemen where to go (and when to go there) is an interesting one. There’s no doubt the local firemen of an area would be able to give you the local insights, but whether they’d mind you coming in and asking them is another matter!


Another interesting insight made (that most travelers might never consider) is that it’s not just about where you go, but when you go there.

For example, Greenberg talks about going to the Great Wall of China at 4:30 am to witness the sun rise. He says that at that time, there will only be you and four other people on there. Then, as you’re leaving (having witnessed an incredible sight) you’ll see the coaches begin to pull up and unload tourists by the bus-load.


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