Explore the World (Virtually) with Google World Wonders

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Summer is a great time go traveling and to see the world.

Unfortunately, however, it’s also a time when airfare is more expensive, and for many people these days, a time when budgets are tighter than ever.

With the release of Google’s World Wonders Project, if you can’t visit the world’s great sites in person, you can now do it virtually.

The project is essentially a mixture of photos, videos from Youtube, Google Street View 3D panoramic shots and 3D building models from Google Earth.


At the moment, Google’s World Wonders seems to include more man-made than natural wonders, from the Ancient Nijō Castle in Kyoto, Japan to the Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, Italy.

Some of the natural wonders included are the Yellowstone National Park in the USA and Shark Bay in Australia.

The site can be searched ‘by theme’, making finding particular types of wonder (Palaces & Castles, Places of Worship, Wonders of Nature, etc.) a breeze.

It seems that right now, the selection of wonders on offer is a little biased. The selection of places from Japan and Italy, for example, is huge, whereas the entire continent of South America has just a few representatives on the list, and Africa has none at all.

Perhaps the current highlight of World Wonders is the Palace of Versailles in France. The detail put in to bringing it to life is excellent, and one could easily spend hours (virtually) walking around and exploring the location through the 3D images of Street View and watching related videos.

While Google’s World Wonders appears to be slightly unfinished (with some wonders having more detail than others and some being left out all-together), this flaw can surely be forgiven since the project has only just launched, and because plans to continue its development are well under way.

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