Fancy a Gap Year Placement in a Monastery?

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Looking to do something different in your gap year?

Quarr Abbey, a Roman Catholic monastery on the Isle of Wight is offering four places to gappers looking for something different.

So what will those who’re chosen be be doing in the monastery?

According to, “Prayer and reflection are built into the placements, dubbed monastic internships, as well as work tending pigs, cattle and bees.

“Other duties include cooking, growing vegetables and book binding, which are all skills that can be transferred to other areas of life.”

This work will go on six days per week, then the participants will have one day off.

Quarr Abbey

Of course, although peaceful, working in a monastery can be tough: “the Benedictine day starts at 5am when they rise for Vigils, which are the first of seven services throughout the day.”

This might not sound like most people’s idea of fun, but there are some definite advantages: “The monastery is not the typical gap year destination, but could teach gappers a lot about discipline and simple pleasures.”

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