Airline Launches New Check-In System to Prevent Lost Teddy Bears

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In London’s Gatwick airport, at least one stuffed toy animals is lost (and found by the airport staff) every single day.

That’s from just one airport.

As a child, losing your stuffed animal can be heartbreaking, and unfortunately it’s an all too familiar story.

In an attempt to reduce this number, Thomson Airways have created a Traveling Teddies program that allows children to check-in their stuffed toys along with the rest of their luggage.

Each teddy will be given their own unique boarding pass, which is then exchanged for a VIB (Very Important Buddy) tag at the gate.

Don't leave your teddy bear behind

The idea behind this is not only to give children a special experience when flying, but to get them to pay closer attention to their furry friends so that they don’t lose them.

Currently, this service is available for children flying with Thomson Airways from all UK airports flying to destinations in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt, Tunisia, Florida and Mexico.

“As a family-friendly tour operator, we like to make a fuss of children travelling on our holidays, both in resort and on their flight,” said Carl Gissing, Thomson Airways’ Director of Customer Service. “We know that kids will love checking their toys in and taking home the VIB tag as a souvenir.”

Will this will really help to reduce the number of lost teddy bears? Who knows, but it sounds like a fun idea!

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