New Weather App Makes it Easy to Plan Your Travels to Find the Best Weather

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There are a lot of great trip planning tools/apps out there right now (like this one I recently wrote about), but if you want one that’s specifically designed for guiding you towards the sunniest weather, The Weather Channel’s Trip Planner might be the one for you.

The app uses the weather forecasts from supplied by the Weather Channel and plots them along your route to show you what the likely weather is.

As with any good road trip app, you’re also given information on places to eat and things to do along the way. The app does this by syncing up with and taking the information from there.

Road Trip

After entering in your start location and your destination you’ll be presented with a route drawn on a map with weather icons (such as sun, cloud and rain) hovering above each section. The app then lets you add change your route (if you so wish) in order to go in search of better weather.

To check out the Weather Channel’s Trip Planner for yourself click here.

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