Hiking Etiquette (and How Not to Be Known as ‘Captain Complainer’)

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Hiking with a group of people can be a great way to bond and share amazing experiences.

When you’re hiking with a group of people, however, there’s a certain etiquette that should be adhered to and respected.

Elise of PositiveWorldTravel.com attempted to document this unwritten protocol in an article titled ‘Hiking Etiquette 101‘.

One of the most important points, Elise notes, is to not be known as ‘Captain Complainer’. As Elise says:

“If there is one thing I can’t stand more than getting sweaty, tired, hungry or puffed when I trek, it’s when people complain loudly and constantly. More often than not, everyone is in the same boat- all feeling a little worse for wear.

“But it does’t mean you need to remind people of it all the time! I am the quite complainer. I think over and over in my head, how much my legs hurt or when the next pit stop will be. But that’s the point…I do it quietly!”


Elise is also keen to point out that hiking should not be a race:

“The popular saying ‘You’re only as fast as your slowest person’ really rings true when you are trekking as group.

I don’t understand the people who feel the need to power ahead of the group, like they’re training for an upcoming cross country event (Ok, fair enough if you are training for an event, but do it by yourself).”

So what should you do if you naturally find yourself walking at a much faster pace than the rest of the group?

“Take in the view.

Look for peculiar animals, bugs or plants.

Stop and smell the fresh air.

If you do charge ahead you’ll just have to wait for the slow pokes (that’s me!) at the next pit stop for double as long.”

Source: PositiveWorldTravel.com

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