Which US Hotels Have the Best (and Worst) Wi-Fi?

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For some people, having a good Wi-Fi connection in their hotel room is as important as any other amenity the hotel might offer them.

Unfortunately, we’re still not yet at a point where all hotels offer free and reliable wireless internet to their patrons.

The people over at HotelChatter.com have just released their annual report, in which they looked at (and ranked) various hotel chains based on whether they offer free Wi-Fi, whether they charge for the privilege and if so, how much they charge.

The Best
The best five hotel chains for Wi-Fi listed in the report are:

  • Kimpton
  • Penninsula
  • Fairmont
  • Ace
  • Swire

These are all pretty small hotel chains (with the largest being Fairmont Hotels), which should tell you something about how bigger chains charge for Wi-Fi.

It seems that these smaller hotel chains try to concern themselves more with their guests’ needs (possibly in an attempt to compete with bigger hotel chains), as they’re happy to make allowances on certain amenities (such as Wi-Fi).

The Worst
The worst hotels on the list typically charge between $9.95 and $14.99 a day for Wi-Fi use. These are:

  • Marriott
  • Westin
  • W Hotels
  • Hard Rock
  • The Hilton

The infographic below (which can be enlarged by clicking on it) created by HotelChatter shows the complexities of finding affordable Wi-Fi in hotels.

Click the picture for a larger image

They seem to recommend booking budget hotels or going with a loyalty rewards program (by following the flowchart at the bottom) in an attempt to and get free Wi-Fi internet.

As well as listing the best and worst hotel chains for Wi-Fi, the report also aims to give advice on which hotels you should stay at in specific US cities (if access to Wi-Fi is your main priority), among other things.

To view the full report on HotelChatter.com, click here.

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