Baltic Airline to Begin Seating Passengers According to Their Mood

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What if you could ensure that every time you flew on a plane you sat next to a like-minded person who shared your hobbies and interests and spoke the same language as you?

What if your airline also asked you whether you wanted to chat or rest (in silence) while flying, and then paired you with someone who wanted the same things?

For passengers on airBaltic, the national airline of Latvia, this may soon be a very real possibility as they’re to launch their new SeatBuddy program that pairs passengers up accordingly.

The idea is that SeatBuddy will pair passengers based upon three specific ‘moods’. These are:

  • Those who want to get on with their work.
  • Those who want to chat.
  • Those who want to be left in silence.

Air Baltic

As you enter your information into SeatBuddy (and answer their various questions), they’ll assign you to one of these three moods, and then seat you next to passengers with similar hobbies and interests and with someone who is judged to have a similar personality to yours.

The SeatBuddy program is scheduled to be put into action at the end of June.

What do you think about this new service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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