New Apps Help Travelers Remember When to Take Pills & Medications on the Road

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Traveling with persistent ailments (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) can be tough, as remembering when to take your pills as you cross multiple time zones can be difficult and confusing.

As with a lot of problems these days, there inevitably comes a time when someone releases an app to help solve it.

This problem of remembering (or not knowing) when to take your medication is no different.

Julie Weed of The New York Times has written an interesting piece on this, and has detailed some of the more useful apps currently out there:

“The app RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker for iPods and iPhones does what its name says and reminds travelers when to take their medicine. Users put in their medication names or search the database, and then specify when they want to be reminded to take them. The app can notify the user when medications need to be reordered, and the device’s camera can add a photograph of the pill.”

Sounds pretty useful! With certain ailments it’s crucial that you don’t miss taking your pills/medication, so having your phone alerting you at the right times could be a useful thing.


But what about when you’re traveling through different time zones?

“Time zone changes can be extra challenging for patients, like those with diabetes, with a 24-hour monitoring schedule. Phone apps like Glucose Buddy and GluCoMo remind users to track and record their blood sugar levels.”

Source: The New York Times

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