Technology and Travel Etiquette

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There are certain rules/etiquette that we all (well, most of us) follow when taking part in common activities (such as eating at the dinner table, going on a date or riding the bus), but did you know there are certain new rules that have developed regarding traveling with technology?

Michael Matthews, founder and managing director of The Mobile Culture recently told his 8 tips for technology etiquette while traveling.

Although these are perhaps not ‘rules’, they are definitely good pieces of advice that are worth following.

Matthews’s experiences on a plane are something I’m sure many of us can relate to:

“Who hasn’t been stuck on a plane next to the guy whose laptop screen makes the entire row bright enough for you to read a book – only when you were hoping to take a nap?”

With the screen on most modern gadgets being so bright these days, it’s good etiquette to turn it down (or off completely) when people are trying to sleep.

Our tour guide in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Matthews also points out another example of when people may cross the line:

“Don’t play “stump the tour guide” by looking up the sights you’re visiting on your mobile phone and sharing your findings with the group.

“If you are on a tour don’t be tempted to “fact check” your guide. They’re often trained and are there to you something, not the other way around. The tour guide knows something interesting, they know local pieces of information. They have these local nuggets that now they’d be offended by even sharing because how can they compete with Wikipedia?”

To read the rest of Matthews’ tips, click here.

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