Picking Someone Up From the Airport? ‘Just Landed’ Tells You When to Leave

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Picking someone up from the airport can be a real pain, not just because you physically have to drive there, but because you have to try and estimate how long it’ll take you to get there (given the time of day and the distance) so that you’re there on time (but so that you’re also not waiting around for ages because you got there too early).

In short, timing it just right is difficult.

Luckily, there’s a new iPhone app (called ‘JustLanded‘) that will tell you when it’s time to set off for a “seamless, no-waiting airport pickup.”

After inputting the flight number of the person you’re picking up, JustLanded will calculate how long it’ll take you to reach the airport (based on your location, real-time flight information, and current traffic news).

It will then send you a “You need to leave in 5 minutes” message when it’s almost time to leave, then a “You need to leave now!” message when the moment arrives.

But what if their flight is delayed? JustLanded will notify you if a flight is delayed, arriving early, diverted to another airport or cancelled altogether. It will also let you know which terminal they’re landing at, and if this changes.


So how is the app able to deliver such an accurate estimate how long it’ll take you to drive to the airport (and as a result, when you should leave)? Jon Grall (one of JustLanded’s developers) said:

“…the app updates your location in the background—we use the significant location change feature of iOS to monitor whenever you change cell towers (i.e. not creepy stalking) so that we can keep all your reminders up to date in case you move location and we need to adjust the driving time to the airport. We also check traffic conditions in advance of landing in case we need to adjust reminders for rush hour.”

It is often said that the best ideas are the simplest ones, and this appears to solve a very common problem that must affect thousands of people every single day.

So what about an Android version? Grall says that an Android version is likely, assuming the iPhone app does well.

For more information, check out the JustLanded site.

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