Where to Find the World’s Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Pints of Beer

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Fancy a cheap pint?

Researchers (a.k.a. beer lovers) from PintPrice.com have compiled a list of the world’s cheapest (and most expensive) pints of beer.

The cheapest, it seems, will cost you a meagre £0.29, with the most expensive costing £7.35.

29p for a pint of beer? What’s the catch? Well, to find it you’ll have to travel to the mountainous former Soviet Republic country of Tajikistan, 3,000 miles away from Britain, meaning it’s unlikely to be on your daily commute.

With the average pint in Britain now costing £2.90, it seems Brits are paying ten times as much for their beer than those in Tajikistan.

So where the heck is Tajikistan? Check it out here on the map:


Top of the list is Greenland (at £7.35 a pint), followed by Norway at £6.07 a pint.

According to the list of most expensive beers (which also includes Qatar and the United Arab Emirates), it seems that the most expensive regions to buy a beer are Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Cheapest Pints:

  1. Tajikistan – £0.29
  2. Panama – £0.31
  3. Bhutan – £0.36
  4. Burundi – £0.37
  5. North Korea – £0.38

Most Expensive Pints:

  1. Greenland – £7.35
  2. Norway – £6.07
  3. Qatar – £6.00
  4. Djibouti – £5.47
  5. Singapore – £5.00

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