London’s Most Hipster Neighbourhoods – Where Are They?

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With the London Olympics fast approaching, interest in England’s capital is predictably increasing.

As with many major cities around the world, London is famous for having many different neighbourhoods – each of which tend to attract (or are at least associated with) a different sort of person.

The people over at have created a fun (yet surprisingly useful) infographic/chart characterizing ‘London’s Hipster Neighbourhoods’.

The vertical element of the chart represents money (i.e. how expensive a neighbourhood is to live in) while the horizontal axis represent ‘hipster-ness’ (i.e. how ‘hipster’ an area is).

London's Hipster Neighborhoods

Dalston seems to be the ‘in’ place right now, whereas Leyton is clearly not hipster-central (although if you’re trying to avoid hipsters, that’s the place to go!)

If you’re having trouble seeing the picture in detail, click here for a larger version.

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