Planning a Trip Around the World? Start Here!

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Planning a round the world (RTW) trip can be a difficult, stressful, overwhelming process (especially for first-timers) as there’s so much to consider and so much that can potentially go wrong.

Because of this, I’ve created a definitive step-by-step guide containing (pretty much) everything you need to know when taking a trip around the world.

This guide is divided into four sections: Planning Your Trip, Booking It, Preparing to Leave and On the Road.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Planning Your Trip

Deciding Where to Go
Stuck for ideas on where to go? The world is full of amazing places, but narrowing down the choices can be tough.

Sample RTW Travel Itineraries
Still not sure which route to take? Take a look at these popular travel itineraries to get the juices flowing.

How Much Does it Cost?
In order for you to properly budget for your trip, you need to have some idea of how much you’ll spend as you travel. By knowing how much it’ll cost, you can work out how much you need to save up and create a daily spending budget when you’re on the road.

Hidden Travel Costs
Not all travel costs are obvious. Make sure to budget correctly by taking everything into account.

How to Save Money
The more money you can save, the longer/better your trip can be. Find out some great ways to save up for the trip of a lifetime.

Should You Travel Solo or With Friends?
In truth, there are advantages to traveling both, but for first-timers I’d recommend going with friends.

Telling Your Family You Want to Travel
Breaking the news sometimes isn’t easy, as they’ll naturally have concerns for your safety, wellbeing and because they’ll miss you so much.

Booking It

Booking a Round the World Ticket
When booking a RTW ticket there is a lot to consider, such as the costs and restrictions (time limits, number of flights/air miles available). There are several types of RTW tickets available, from Oneworld’s Global Explorer to Star Alliance’s RTW Ticket, so knowing the pro’s and con’s of each will help you to determine which is best for you.

How to Find Cheap Flights
If you aren’t booking a RTW ticket and you want to book individual flights instead, find out how to get the cheapest possible airfare.

Finding Accommodation
As a traveler, you want to find cheap, respectable accommodation that’s located in convenient, easy-to-get-to areas.

Going On an Organized Tour
Organized tours offer you the chance to have a guided tour or the sights and meet like-minded people, making them great particularly when traveling solo

Preparing to Leave

Preparing for Your Trip – The Countdown
Preparing for your trip is a process. From three months to go to the day before you leave, there are things you should do at set times during that process to ensure you’re ready for your trip.

Health & Immunizations
If you’re traveling to certain parts of the world you’ll need to get several vaccinations before you leave. There are also several other risks to your health when traveling (such as diarrhea, malaria and sunstroke). Find out about them (and how to prevent them) here.

Travel Insurance
For any trip, it is essential that you have travel insurance, in case you have a medical emergency abroad or even if you need to cancel your trip.

What are visas, why do you need them and how do you get them?

Buying a Backpack
Your backpack will be your best (or perhaps worst) friend as you travel, so make sure you buy a good one!

Packing Light
Packing more than you need to is a cardinal sin when traveling. Learn you to only take what you need.

Buying a Digital Camera for Travel
Taking a digital camera with you is a great way to document those amazing travel moments.

Buying a Laptop for Travel
Which laptops are best for traveling? Which are best for working on while abroad? Find out here.

How to Travel with a Laptop
Traveling with a laptop is a fine art. You want to keep your laptop as protected as possible whilst keeping it as light as possible.

What to Do With Your Stuff When You Travel
Are you leaving behind a house/flat when you go traveling? Find out what to do with all the things you’re leaving behind.

What to Do With Your Job
If you can afford to go on a RTW trip, chances are you have a job of some kind. What should you do with your job when you travel? Do you take a sabbatical, a career break or simply quit?

When You’re On the Road

How to Get Around – Transport Tips
Whether you’re flying, driving (in a car or campervan), taking buses/coaches, trains, boats or bicycles, there are several ways of getting around when traveling.

Safety Tips
The road holds many dangers for a naïve traveler. Learning how to protect yourself is a smart move.

Handling Money Abroad
There are several ways of getting money and paying for things abroad, whether you decide to use credit cards, debit cards, traveler’s checks or plain old cash.

How to Get a Good Exchange Rate
As you travel from country to country you’ll naturally need to change money over to suit the different currencies. Doing so at the right times and in the right places can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Working on the Road
One way of making money as you travel (possibly as a means of extending your trip) is to work on the road. The multitude of jobs you could do is endless, but the more popular ones include working as an English teacher, working as a tour operator, working as a fruit picker on a farm or working in a bar.

Avoiding Travel Burnout
After a long period of traveling it’s easy to feel burnt out, tired and in need of a rest. Thankfully, there are ways to help avoid travel burnout from ever occurring.

Keeping Long-Term Travel Interesting
By using a little creativity and changing the way you’ve been traveling, you’ll be able to ensure traveling never gets dull or boring.

Coming Back Home
Every great journey must end at some time. Find out how to re-assimilate yourself back into ‘ordinary’ life and how to beat those post-travel blues.

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