Airlines to Begin Holding On-Board Seat Upgrade Auctions

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Airlines’ plans to implement on-board auctions are set to change air travel forever.

Passengers will be able to bid on first or business class upgrades if they are available once they get on their flight.

Brett Proud of GuestLogix (an on-board payment technology and retail company), recently said that he believes on-board auctions will be the single biggest innovation within the airline industry in the near future.

How will the system work? As Proud says, the flight staff will make an announcement over the plane’s loudspeaker announcing that auction is commencing.

The flight attendants will then walk up and down the aisles taking bids from passengers.

Will on-board auctions work

Will people be happy to do this? Proud seems to think so: “In Canada it seems people will pay double their ticket. People who paid $1000 for their ticket seem to be happy to pay $1000 to move up.”

Proud goes on to talk about how this innovation is great news for airlines, as “all the money they collect goes straight to the bottom line because those seats are already empty.”

What do you think about on-flight upgrade auctions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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