How You Can Save Money on Plane Tickets By Buying Them Separately

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Buying multiple plane tickets?

According to Jason Steele of, you might be able to save money if you search for each ticket individually, as doing so will ensure you’re being quoted the lowest available ticket price.

Because airlines typically group seats into what they call ‘price buckets‘, if you’re buying multiple tickets (and there isn’t the required amount of tickets left in the lowest price bucket), more often than not the airline will increase the price of the low-price-bucket seats to match the more expensive seats (so that all the tickets remain the same price).

As Jason Steele says:

“Always specify one traveler until you find the lowest price. Then, search again with the actual number of travelers and see if the price changes. If it does, you can always book one seat at the lower price and make a separate reservation for the others at the higher price.

Note that this trick also works for booking award seats at the lowest mileage levels.”

Airplane Seats
Of course, buying airline tickets this way means that you might not be sitting next to (or even near) each other, but if you’re not bothered about that you can occasionally make quite a nice saving!

For the the full article on including more tips on saving money when booking your flight click here.

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