US Airports Respond to the Growing Need for More Power Outlets

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In a world where smartphones, tablets and laptop computers are so prevalent (especially among frequent flyers), it is inevitable that as batteries begin to drain, people will actively seek out power outlets to charge their devices.

Because of this, it is not uncommon these days to see people plugging in their chargers wherever they can find them, whether it’s in an airport bathroom or right in the middle of the terminal (as I personally witnessed on a recent trip to the USA).

Thankfully, several airports have began to respond to this growing need for power, as Morgan Dye, senior manager of communications and marketing for the Airports Council International-North America said: “Airports recognize there is a demand for power – and have attempted to fill this need through innovative approaches, such as providing charging stations at old payphone banks”.

Nancy Trejos of recently reported how airports in the USA are responding to this growing need: “In a survey in 2010, the council found that 56 of 89 airports reported having electric charging stations for passengers. And, the group says, the number is growing, with airports in San Francisco, Nashville, Oakland and other cities adding stations”.


She also reported how many airlines were personally taking the time to ensure their passengers had access to power outlets in airports. These airlines were US Airways, Delta, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines.

Unfortunately, it seems that struggles for electrical outputs can occasionally turn ugly, as Nancy reports: “Avi Rosenthal says he saw two men come to blows because there was only one power outlet to recharge their dying iPhones at Los Angeles International Airport. It was late and the flight was delayed, enough to rile up the cranky crowd.”

Since then, however, Rosenthal, a technologist in Harrisburg, Pa., has “tried to avoid such extremes by carrying a fold-up six-outlet power strip in his carry-on. Not only does he get to recharge his devices, but he also helps his fellow travelers”.

What a great idea!

But what if you don’t have room in your bag for something so big and bulky? Compact, fold-up multiple-outlet power strips (such as this) don’t take up much room (are available on and presumably at most good electronic stores).


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