The Best Places to Witness the End of the World in 2012

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With the world coming to an end this year (didn’t you know?), your last thoughts should be about finding a good place to kick back and watch it all go down.

Whether or not you believe that the world will actually end on the 21st December 2012 (which is the day the Mayan’s 5,125-year long calendar ends), one thing is certain: 2012 is a great time to travel, and a great time to visit all those places you’ve always wanted to see.

While there is actually no real evidence that the Maya anticipated any specific final event or apocalypse, the 21st December 2012 is certainly an important date in history (as it’s the end of such a long cycle), and is the perfect excuse to go out and celebrate.

So where should you be on this monumental date?

Chichen Itza

Joshua Berman of has come up with a list of 5 places around the Mayan region (of South/Central America) that would be great to visit as the world comes to its conclusion.

These are:

  • Uxmal, Mexico
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • San Ignacio, Belize
  • Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Copan, Honduras

To find out specifically why Joshua recommends being at each of these places, click here.

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